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PHIL 2500
Linda Carozza

The Man of Reason Loyde Reading notesthSo the ideal of reason comes from 17 century but there have been other developments relevant to feminism Confused man of reason supposed to be neutral but it linguistically fails to recognize women as human They are not talking about the idealness of humans but of manhoodThe Association of Male with Rational long history Aristotle impotent male inferior rationality from men better than animals Augustinewoman is subject to man man has dominant rationality woman passive mode of rationality Renaissance raised the question Does man kind include woman Many woman were educated and threatened male dominance them being the only rational ones how do women fit into the scheme of things many argued the perfection of man included women both the same speciesthere was an emphasis on different virtues for women chastity education focused on chastity Women were property Debate over dignity of man vs woman didnt do much for sexual equalityinstead focus on theology and focus on genesis Man made in gods image woman was offsider That question didnt matter because her role was to be under males ruleReason in the Seventeenth Century thReason in the 17 tried to encapsulate a systematic method for attaining certainty Descartes acquisition of knowledge orderly method Intuition and deduction All knowledge can be gained access to through these two and anything else is an impediment to knowledge It is universally applicably doesnt matter the subjectThe Cartesian method all knowledge consists in selfevident intuition and necessary deduction Descartes thinks he is uncovering the unity of all the sciences the unity of knowledge identical with the order of thought itself Introspection of the nature of thought in an individual mind Introspection of the nature of thought in an individual mind But this gap is then closed by the existence of a veracious God Introspection of the nature of thought in an individual mind ultimately yields access to universal reason God given and God guaranteed and hence to the structure of reality itself conceived by Cartesian rationalism to be identical with that of the mind reason has a quasi divine character the vehicles of knowledge for the method are precise bordered mental states separate from each other
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