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York University
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POLS 2200
Hywel Morgan

7. Competitors’ analysis A section showing (1) companies you consider to be your strongest/closest competitors in entry- level cameras as of the last year or two of the simulation, and (2) companies that are your strongest/closest competitors in the multi-featured cameras as of the last year or two of the simulation. Again, if you only produced entry-level cameras, focus on (1), whereas if you only produced multi-featured cameras, focus on (2). Competitors: • A Company: • Hella Wavy: • Similar quality- low • Same retail coverage; low but • A company was a cash cow because it had high market share with low market growth o We were dogs because we had both low market share and low market growth • Prices were relatively the same however, our prices were always slightly higher for both entry and multi-feature cameras • 8. Strategy to ‘out-compete’ closest competitors -1.5 One or more sections detailing the actions you would take to out-compete the close rivals identified in item#7 above, over the next two years (assume the simulation continues for several more years). Since the actions may differ between entry-level and multi-featured cameras, the length of this/these section(s) will be a function of the degree of difference. • Awareness-promotions, which affected retail coverage o To be more easily accessible to the target market, our company’s retail coverage in all 3 channels needs to increase. This will also help us out compete our competitors. • Need to increase market share by offering more value to customers…this can be done by lowering prices and improving quality, improving warranty • Amount of discounts should be higher • cost-leadership-want to enter c
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