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Chapter 3

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York University
Political Science
POLS 2940
Sandra Withworth

2940 Chapter 34 Chapter 3 Liberal Pluralism States are important actors in the International Relations but there are other important actors such as individuals institutions multinational corporations NGOs and social movements Traditional Liberal CritiquesTraditions of idealism in International Relations holds that morality law and international organizations can form the basis for relations among states Human nature is not evil peaceful and cooperative relations among states are possible and states can operate as a community rather than merely as autonomous selfinterested agents5 traditional criticism against realism 1 There is international anarchy 2 State behaviour is shaped by international bargaining among and within bureaucracies interest groups and other actors with divergent goals and interests 3 For realists rationality is seeking narrow selfinterest whereas liberal rationality is to seek to share in longterm collective benefits 4
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