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Chapter Chapter 5

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Political Science
Course Code
POLS 1090
Bruce J Smardon
Chapter 5

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Bello Yewand
Professor Bruce Smardon
POLS 1090
March 12th 2019
Instituting the Globalization Project
This chapter examine “the globalization project” which succeeded the development project- not
because development is extinct, but because its coordinates have changed. To call a globalization
a project emphasis its political dimensions. The distinctiveness of the globalization project is its
political intervention to overcome the limits of the development project. Within the Third
World, export- oriented industrialization fueled economic growth, legitimizing a new “free
market” model of development. Development which had been defined as nationally managed
economic growth, was refined in the World Bank’s as participation in the world market.
Securing the Global Market Empire
Global development partnership between states and corporations.
Safety of the South Pacific and Southeast Asia, lead to a great trade and highly
industrialized japan to the benefit of both.
The Third World was unruly during this prelude to the globalization project.
The Debt Regime
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