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Chapter 3

POLS 4440 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Zbigniew Brzezinski, Henry Kissinger

Political Science
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POLS 4440
Gregory Chin

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Mary Beshay
POLS 4440 Approaches to Global Governance
Professor Chin
October 16, 2018
Session 5: Global Power Shifts
Power Shifts by Henry A. Kissinger. 2010
Interesting that he says that the Westphalian system is weakening and is not as dominant as it
once was, which comes back to the Robert Cox article’s notion of post-Westphalian.
Kissinger suggests that new powers are emerging, such as religion and ideology, i.e. radical
Islam, and also rising state powers in the Pacific, namely China.
With the failing of the Westphalian system and the rising powers and state powers leads to
power shifts, most prominently seen in the international arena.
Toward a Global Realignment by Zbigniew Brzezinski. 2016
Brzezinski suggests that there are five varieties that emerge in violent political awakening of the
Middle East and in the global political sphere, through looking at the role of America, Russia,
China, Europe and the current crisis in post-colonial Middle East.
Brzezinski also suggests that the current American Hegemonic system is coming to an end and
that a new world order will emerge in its place, which I agree with since we see the rise of more
NGOs, social movements and growing economies around the world, which impedes on the US’
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