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Chapter 9

POLS 4440 Chapter Notes - Chapter 9: The Main Point, Nationstates

Political Science
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POLS 4440
Gregory Chin

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Mary Beshay: Points to Register October 30, 2018
Bruce W. Jentleson. “Accepting Limits: How to Adapt to a Copernican World2012
The main point of Jentleson’s article is to discuss how the international order is shifting
from a ‘Ptolemaic’ world order to a ‘Copernican’ one. Which discusses the shift from a
U.S center world order to the rise of various nation-states pursuing their own interests,
sometimes without the involvement of the U.S.
Jentleson discusses two developments, diffusion of power and the 21st century version of
nationalism nonalignment, where the discussion of the rise of China and its relations with
the U.S. are further explored.
Focusing on Jentleson’s point on the notion of reforming the international financial
system and reducing the near-monopoly position of the dollar, as lead by the BRICS
countries, he states that the US should portray some form of ‘followership’. Which I
agree with, if the U.S. is attempting to still remain relevant in the ever evolving
international sphere.
Michael O’Hanlon. The World is still America’s to lead and still America’s to lose2014
The main discussion of this article by O’Hanlon is to portray the U.S.’ relevancy in the
international order and the rise of other nation-states.
Although I do agree that the U.S. is still a leader in the areas of global research and
development spending, I disagree with O’Hanlon’s statement that the U.S. still remains
the, the world's most alluring melting pot, and arguably have the healthiest
demographic profile of any major power. This statement is an exaggerated declaration
without proper citation or evidence.
I did not enjoy this piece as it seemed to be a platform for OHanlon to advertise his
friends recent book, discussing how qualified his friend was to write the book and the
contents of the book.
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