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Chapter 15

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York University
PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

Chapter 15- Treatment of Psych Disorders Psychotherapy- - 3 Types: insight (“talking”) Therapies, Behaviour Therapies, Biomedical Therapies - Eclectic approach Psychoanalysis - Anxiety symptoms related to feelings that were a source of conflict in the past and these feelings were repressed. Aims - To uncover the original cause of the conflict, help the patient to gain insight and re-experience repressed, conflictual feelings. Symptom substitution- Free association- where the patient usually lies on the couch and speaks of their feelings, thought, whatever is on their mind. Dream Analysis- the analysis of dreams. Free associate about the patient’s dreams. [1] Manifest Content- what the story seems about [2] Latent Content- the true unconscious meaning of that dream, uncovered through free association. Transference- the patient unconsciously transfers conflictual feelings about significant others onto the analyst. Interpretation-subjective. Piece everything together, analyst tries to interact the true meaning of what the patient is saying. Projective Tests- [A] Rorschach Ink-Blot Test, [B] Thematic Apperception Test- recover motives. Brief Psychodynamic Therapy- still emphasizes the importance of the unconscious. Behaviour Therapy- based on learning principles Assumption- 1.) Maladaptive behaviou
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