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Rebecca Jubis

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th Psychology- Themes and Variations Class Notes Thurs.Oct.28 .2010 Lorenz Sol Types of Conditioning (Learning) A.) Classical Conditioning B.) Operant or Instrumental Conditioning C.) Observational Learning A.) Classic Conditioning (Pavlov) 1.) Unconditioned Response (UR or UCR) - A response that is automatic or reflexive - It is involuntary, response that you don’t have control of Ex. You are hit in the eye = your eye bleeds  Involuntary. Someone scares you = you jump  Involuntary. 2.) Unconditioned Stimulus (US) - A stimulus that elicits (triggers) the unconditioned response (UR/UCR) 3.) Conditioned Stimulus (CS) - Any stimulus that’s paired with the unconditioned stimulus (US) and eventually elicits a response that is similar to the unconditioned response (UR/UCR) 4.) Conditioned Response (CR) - The response triggered by the conditioned stimulus (CS) and it is identical to the unconditioned response (UR/UCR) Example (Triggers)(+Stimuli presented roughly at the same time) Dog salivates on the sight of food, while a bell is ringing. Food= Salivation. UR= Salivation, US= Food, CS= Bell Bell + Food, BellSalivation. Bell used to be neutral, but after being associated with food, the dog would respond by salivating. Bell (CS) Salivation (CR). Family gatheringUncle approaches you and says hi while hitting/punching you You flinch. (US) Slap  Flinch (UR) Hello + Slap = (CS) Slap  Flinch (CR) Advertisers believe that they can use classical conditioning to get consumers to buy their product(s). Phobias Can be acquired through classical conditioning or observational learning. One traumatic conditioning pairing is enough to have fear/phobia. Psychological disorder (Irrational fear of something) (US) Gong  Fear (UR) Mouse + Gong (CS) Mouse  Fear (CR) (CS being the phobic stimulus) Hi
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