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Chapter 1

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PSYC 1010
Doug Mc Cann

Chapter 1 The Evolution of PsychologyREAD CASE STUDY PAGE 1Students and researchers are drawn to psychology because it helps analyze and prevent social situations like this case study from occurring againPsychologists want to predict this behavior application of scientific methods to offer explanationsHow to cope with problemClearing psychological myths Iepeople only use 10 of their brain How Psychology DevelopedPsychology has evolved its focus methods and models Psychology2 root greek wordspsyche meaning soul spirit or mind separate from the mind th Term Psychology gained more usage by scholars in the 18 centuryBy that time it was referred to as the study of the mind Philosophy and physiology influenced early psychologySocrates Plato Aristotle all debated about psychology Things like is knowledge inborn or gained through experienceRenaissance period developed ideas about the mid behavior and human nature in philosophyDecartes argued for the dualism of mind and bodyHe claimed that they were differentBelieved that memories dreams and perceptions were all functions of the bodyA New Science is Born The Contributions of Wundt and HallWilhelm Wundt campaigned psychology as an independent discipline rather than the stepchild of philosophy and physiologyHis work had an enormous impact on the development of psychTime and place were right for his appeal because university resources were expandingHe did the first formal lab for research on psych at the UofLeipzigHe published the first psych devoted research journal His conception of psych was influential for decades He declared that psych should be scientifically modelled like physics or chem According to him psychs primary focus was consciousnessthe awareness of immediate experience Therefore psych became the study of conscious experience Between 18831893 24 new psychological research labs emerged in the US and Canada Some started by Wundt and his studentsGStanley Hall worked with Wundt contributed to the rapid growth of psych in US Hall established the USAs first psych research lab at John Hopkins Uni 4 yrs later he launched USAs first psych journal Hall drove force behind the establishment of the APA American Psychological AssociationIts hard to say why americans took so quickly too psych The Battle of the Schools Begins Structuralism versus Functionalism In psych the first 2 major schools of thought were functionalism and structuralism they were entangles in the fields first great intellectual battleStructuralism emerged through Edward TitchenerStructuralism was based on the notion that the task of psychology is to analyze consciousness into its basic elements are relatedStructuralists wanted to identifyexamine the fundamental components of conscious experience sensations feeling images To examine consciousness introspection was usedIntrospection the careful systematic selfobservation of ones own conscious experiencePracticed by structuralists introspection required training to make the subject more objective and awareAfter subjects were trainedexposed to auditory tones optical illusions and visual stimuli in controlled systematic conditionsasked to analyze what they experiencedLimitations associated with introspection lead to the end of structuralism Depending on only on a persons reflection on a document to a phenomenon there isnt an independent objective evaluation of the claimFunctionalism was based on the belief that psychology should investigate the function or purpose of consciousness rather than its structuresFunctionalismWilliam JamesJames was impressed with Darwins concept of natural selectionNatural Selectionheritable characteristics that provide a survival or reproductive characteristics to be passed on to subsequent generations and thus come to be selected over timeJames applied this to humans noted that consciousness is an important characteristic in humansJames stated that we should look at the functions of consciousness and not structureConscious consists of a continuous flow of thoughts JamesJames wanted to understand the stream of consciousnessFunctionalists interested in how ppl adapt to the changes in the real worldMargaret Floy Washburn was the first woman in USA to receive PhD in psychMFW authored Animal Mind 1908Leta Hollingworth childrens intelligence and why women were inferior to men
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