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Psychology in Modules: Module 41.docx

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PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

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Module 41 Page 1 Module 41 Humanistic Theories Abraham Maslow's Self-Actualizing Person Humanistic Theories - view personality with a focus on the potential for healthy personal growth. Self-Actualization - according to Maslow, one of the ultimate psychological needs that arises after basic physical and psychological needs are met and self-esteem is achieved; the motivation to fulfill one's potential.  Motivated by a hierarchy of needs  1970 Maslow studied healthy, creative people over clinical cases  Abraham Lincoln (known for rich productive lives) shared certain characteristics such as... self-aware, self-accepting, open, spontaneous, loving, not paralyzed by other's opinions, secure in their sense of who they are, interests are problem-centered over self-centered, focused on energies over a certain task. Many had been moved by personal Peak Experiences that surpasses ordinary consciousness.  Self-Transcendent - Beyond or above the range of normal or merely physical human experience: "a transcendent level of knowledge". Carl Rogers' Person-Centered Perspective  Agrees with Maslow that people are good and establish self-actualization tendencies as long as the environment inhibits growth. Growth Promoting Climate Requires 3 Things: Genuineness: Genuine people are open with their own feelings, drop keeping up with appearances (facades), easy to perceive and self-disclosing Acceptance: Accepting people offer unconditional positive regard - an attitude of total acceptance toward another
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