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PSYC 1010
Jennifer Steeves

David Rosenham’s study with Pseudo patients: • Arranged for a number of ‘normal’ people to seek admission into mental hospitals • They all complained about one symptom “hearing voices” • They were all admitted into the hospital regardless of the fact that they were acting completely normal • The average amount of time they spent there was 19 days and some were even told that their symptoms will probably relapse • This was controversial because it questioned the diagnostic system for mental illness and the health professional’s ability to judge the difference between normal and abnormal patients. Somatoform vs. Psychosomatic disorder: • Somatoform disorders are physical ailments that cannot be fully explained by organic conditions and are largely due to psychological factors o Three types: • Somatization disorder – history of diverse physical complaints • Conversion disorder- unexplainable loss of physical function • Hypochondriasis- preoccupation with health concerns and worry about developing illness. • Psychosomatic disorders are genuine physical aliments caused only in part by psychological factors (e.g. Stress) • In other words, Psychosomatic is legitimate and somatoform is more imagined. Theories: 1. Systematic desensitization • Joseph Wolpe • Belief that the anxiety is caused through classical conditioning • Have the patient develop an “anxiety hierarch
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