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Chapter 12

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PSYC 1010
Gerry Goldberg

Personality Theory Research and AssessmentChapter 12uniquePersonality refers toan individuals constellation of behavioral traitsDistinctiveness is central to the concept of personality because everyone behaves differently in the same situation therefore each individual has his or her own distinctive set of personality traitsPersonality Trait is considered to be a durable disposition to behave a certain way in various situationsExample adjectives such as honest optimistic moody dependable anxious all represent personality traits It is said that a small number of fundamental traits determine other traits For example being restless irritable and impatient might be derived from one trait which is being excited Many psychologists say that there are basic traits that make up personality FACTOR ANALYSIS is used to identify higherorder traits from which specific traits are derived Therefore it was concluded that an individuals personality can be described completely by measuring just 16 traitsThe FiveFactor Model of Personality TraitsIt is said that personality traits are derived from just five higherorder traits that are known as the big fiveThe fivefactor model used to describe human personality consists of big five traits which areExtraversion positive emotionalityare people who are happier than otherThey are seen as sociable upbeat friendly and assertive known asAbility to bond with others and have positive outlook on lifeNeuroticism negative emotionalityare people who are anxious selfconscious insecureoverreact to stressare more emotionally unstableOpenness to Experienceis being a problemsolverare curious flexible imaginative this trait is key for political attitudesAgreeableness willingness to collaboratepeople are sympathetic trusting cooperative modest and straight forwardConscientiousness tendency to be reliable and ethical well0organaized disciplined punctual and dependablestrong selfdiscipline These five are used for predictive of behaviours for exampleextraversion correlates with positively with popularity and with dating a greater variety of peopleconscientiousness correlates with greater honesty higher job performance rating and relatively low alcohol consumptionopenness is associated with playing musical instrumentagreeableness correlates with honesty Correlations btw the big five have also been found for exampleFor lifes outcomes such as interpersonal relationships and academic performancehigh GPAconscincenesscareer successextraversion and conscientiousdivorceneuroticismCorrelations btw the big fie have also have been found to be related to feelings of subjects wellbeingPrevalence of mental disorderneuroticism
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