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Psychology in Modules: Module 25.docx

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PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

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Module 25 Page 1 Module 25 Retrieval Retrieval Cues: when you encode into memory a target piece of information such as the name of someone, you associate it with bits of info about your surroundings, mood, position etc. You can later use these cues to access the information. Priming - the activation, often unconsciously, of particular associations in memory (William James). "Memoryless memory." Meeting someone who reminds us of a person we've previously met can awaken our associated feelings about that earlier person, which may transfer into the new context. Subliminal stimuli can briefly prime responses to later stimuli. Ex. Money may prime our materialism and self-interest rather than the social norms that encourage us to help. Context-Dependent Memory You may recall things if situated in th
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