PSYC 1010 Chapter Notes - Chapter 7: Interference Theory, Implicit Memory, Explicit Memory

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20 Nov 2011
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PSYC 1010 Full Course Notes
PSYC 1010 Full Course Notes
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Different kinds of info stored in ltm different compartments in long term memory to store dif information. General information about rules or things that we have over learned. These memories are not linked to a specific time and place. If asked what ppl do to shoqw affection u wouold say that they kiss, u ust know that. You just know the colour of a 5 dollar bill. General fact that ppl gereally tend to know. Involves memory for specifc events or episodes rather than repeated ones. These are usually unique events rather than repreated ones. Ex: the first kiss, its unique so u remember it. This is autobiographic to your own life. What did u have for dinner on monday night this is a specific epidsode, one specifc unique event. Implicit memory (incidental memory, unconscious you don"t intentionally try to remember it byut you just do) vs. Explicit memory (you wre intentialny trying to remerber the information)