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Chapter 14

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PSYC 1010
Doug Mc Cann

Grant ClayPeriod 3112208AP Psychology OutlineChapter 14 Psychological DisordersRedDefinitionBlueImportant PointsGreenImportant PeopleContributions1Medical ModelProposes to Think of Abnormal Behavior as a DiseaseaThomas SzaszMedical Model Critic Minds can be sick only in the sense that jokes are sick or Economies are sickbDiagnosisDistinguishing 1 Illness from anothercEtiologyApparent Causation and Developmental History of an IllnessdPrognosisA Forecast about the Probable Course of an IllnesseCriteria of Abnormal BehaviorDeviance Maladaptive BehaviorPersonal DistressfDecisions upon if a Person is Normal or Abnormal is based off Social Norms of the TimegPsychological Disorders StereotypesPsychological Disorders are Incurable People with Psychological Disorders are often Violent and DangerousPeople with Psychological Disorders Behave in Bizarre Ways and are Very Different from Normal PeoplehDavid RosenhanDid experiment where it is hard to Distinguish Normality from Abnormality in PeopleiPsychoDiagnosis Classification of DisordersiDiagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSMCurrent Classification Editions of Mental Disordersii5 Different Axis of DSM1Clinical Syndromes2Personality Disorder or Mental Retardation3General Medical Conditions4PsychosocialEnvironmental Problems5Global Assessment of Functioning GAF ScalejPrevalence of Psychological DisordersiEpidemiologyStudy of Distribution of Mental or Physical Disorders in a PopulationPercentage of a Population that Exhibits a Disorder During a iiPrevalenceSpecified Time PeriodiiiAbout 45 of Population has a Mental Disorder sometime During their Lives2Anxiety DisordersaAnxiety DisorderClass of Disorder marked by Feelings of Excessive Apprehension and AnxietyiGeneralized Anxiety DisorderMarked by Chronic High Level of Anxiety that is Not Tied to any Specific ThreatiiPhobic DisorderMarked by Persistent and Irrational Fear of an Object or Situation that Presents No Realistic DangeriiiPanic DisorderCharacterized by Recurrent Attacks of Overwhelming Anxiety that Usually Occur Suddenly and Unexpectedly1AgoraphobiaFear of going out to Public Places
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