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Chapter 5

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PSYC 1010
Doug Mc Cann

Chapter 5 Variations in consciousnessSomniloquy talking in their sleepNarcolepsy serious sleep disorder fall asleep uncontrollably during their everyday routineWilliam Dement due to a flaw in the primary sleep systems in the brainKen ParksAlways had difficulty with sleep1987 drove 40k to wifes parents house while asleep assaulted them both and killed mother in law Remembers watching Saturday night live then police station saying I think I just killed 2 peopleAcquitted of the crime he was sleepwalkingSleep deprivation negative outcomesDeath lowers performance vaccination effectiveness memory irritabilitySufficient sleep is critical to wellbeingMen get less sleep then women Statistics Canada17 Canadians report sleep difficultiesNature of ConsciousnessConsciousness is the awareness of internal and external stimuliSeem to maintain some degree of awareness when we are asleep or even under anaesthesiaWilliam James 1902 consciousness is continuously changing Stream of consciousnessSome thoughts entering your stream of consciousness are the result of intentions shift our attention to important thingsAttention seen as a fundamental concept in psychologyConsciousness and its basis in neural cell assemblies Francis Crick Nobel Prize for DNAStudy of consciousness and neuronal correlates of consciousness NCC active part in neuroscience researchHuman behaviour comes from a mixture of conscious and unconscious processingVariations in Awareness and ControlAttention and consciousness are closely related but NOT identicalKoch and Tsuchiya argued you can have either one without the otherType textMind Wandering refers to peoples experience of taskunrelated thoughts Thoughts unrelated to what they are intentionally trying to do at a given momentEstimated that people spend 15 to 50 of their life mind wanderingSmallwoodSchoolerSuggest mind wandering might be less likely to occur if the task you are engaged in is one that requires significant cognitive resourcesLess accurate awareness of external informationMay be a connection between mind wandering and creativityDistinction between what we control about our mental processes and what just seems to happen is referred to as the difference between controlled and automatic processesControlled processes judgements or thoughts that we exert with some control we intend to occurAutomatic processes without our intentional control or effortNot everyone agrees with this dichotomyImplicit processing Ex rate likeability of faces subliminally exposed to odours effected resultsMalcolm Gladwell implications of automatic processing book Blink Refers to how quickly some choices are madeMother is a psychotherapistUnconscious Thought EffectsAp Dijksterhuis decisions made before individual engages in conscious thought can sometimes be more accurateAttention is the key distinction between conscious with and unconscious thought processeswithoutConscious thought is constrained by capacity limitations unconscious doesnt have these constraintsConsciousness and Brain ActivityConsciousness does not arise from any distinct structure in the brain rather from activity in distributed networks of neural pathwaysScientist use brain imaging methods to explore linkElectroencephalograph EEG is a device that monitors the electrical activity of the brain over time by means of recording electrodes attached to the surface of the scalp records activity from broad swaths of the cortexType text
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