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Chapter 7


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PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

Chapter 7 Human memoryy There are two kinds of memory semantic memory for general information and episodic memory for personal eventsy 17 Canadians reported a significant disability and of those 15older 123 reported significant memory impairment and confusiony 3 questions when considering retaining memory y how does information get into memory y How is information maintained in memory y How is information pulled back out of memoryy These 3 questions relate to the 3 processes involved in memory y Encoding forming a memory code how it looks sounds or what it means like entering data into a computer getting information iny Storage maintaining encoded information in memory over time y Retrieval getting it out and recovering information from storage Encoding y The next in line approach subjects tend to not recall much of what was said just before they take their turn to present It also relates to when you meet someone and you forget their name in 30seconds because youre too busy sizing them up and deciding what opt say nexty Attention focusing awareness on a narrowed range of stimuli With a few exceptions you generally need to pay attention towards information you intend to retainy Cocktail party phenomenon an egg Is Claudia at a party talking to a friend and filtering out all other conversations to focus on her friend Then she suddenly hears her name in another conversation and starts focusing more on that 35 of people reported to doing the same and having their attention divertedThis proves that attention involves late selection based on the meaning of their input Therefore stimuli is screened late during sensory input after the brain has already processed the significance of the inputWhen we attend to complicated situations that require most of our attention selection occurs earlier on though for simpler low load tasks more attention
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