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Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Human Memory

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York University
PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

Chapter 7 Human MemoryThree key processes involved in memoryencodinginvolves forming a memory codeusually requires attentionstorageinvolves maintaining encoded information in memory over timeremembering information isnt enough to guarantee youll remember somethingretrievalinvolved recovering information from memory storesforgetting may be due to deficiencies in any of the three key processes in memoryEncoding Getting Information into Memorythe familiar kind of forgetting results from a failure to form a memory code for the nameThe Role of Attentionyou generally need to pay attention to be able to remember somethingattention involves focusing awareness on a narrowed range of stimuli or eventsattention is like a filter that screens out most potential stimuli while allowing a select few to pass through into conscious awareness while much of the information we want to remember is encoded as a result of effortful processing some types of information may be acquired more automaticallyLevels of Processingyou can attend to things in different ways focusing on different aspects of the stimulus inputdifferent rates of forgetting occur because some methods of encoding create more durable memory codes then othersincoming information can be processed at different levelsLevel of ProcessingType of EncodingExample of questions used to elicit appropriate encodingShallow ProcessingIs the word written in capital Structural lettersencodingemphasizes the physical structure of the stimulus
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