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Chapter 13

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York University
PSYC 1010
Myriam Mongrain

Chapter 13 Stress Coping and HealthThe Nature of StressStress any circumstances that threaten or are perceived to threaten ones wellbeing and that thereby tax ones coping abilitiesStress is a common every day event and even seemingly minor stressors or hassles can be problematicTo a large degree stress lies in the eye of the beholder as appraisals of stress are highly subjective Health PsychologyThe study of psychological factors in health enhancement disease prevention and rehabilitationo Why people become ill o Response o Health maintenanceBioPsycho Social Model StressReal or perceived environmental threats to ones well being that exceed coping ability o Daily hassles minor stress such as traffic chores can be as stressful as o Major Life Events such as death illness or o Catastrophic events such as 911 hurricane tornado o Can feel social alienation even in a big city like Toronto Primary AppraisalEventsAppraisalStress Symptoms emotional physical Major Types of StressAcute stressors are threatening events that have a relatively short duration and a clear endpointChronic stressors are threatening events that have a relatively long duration and no readily apparent time limitMajor types of stress include frustration conflict change and pressureFrustration occurs when an obstacle prevents one from attaining some goal o Unpredictability uncertaintylack of control repeated exposureConflict occurs when two or more incompatible motivations or behavioural impulses compete for expressionMotivational conflict is the only way solve is to give up one goalWe approach things that attract us and avoid things that dont There are three principal types of conflict approachapproach avoidanceavoidance and approachavoidanceIn an approachapproach conflict a choice must be made between two attractive goals pizza or spaghetti
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