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Chapter 4

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York University
PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

Chapter 4Sensation and PerceptionSensation the process where our sensory organs gather information from the outside world the stimulation of the sensory organsPerception the process where the brain organizes and interprets these sensations so that they have meaningPsychophysics Basic Concepts and IssuesPsychophysics the study of how physical stimuli are translated into psychological experienceFechners questionHow much of a stimulus is necessary for you to detect it o Threshold a dividing point between energy levels that do and do not have a detectable effect o Absolute threshold for a specific type of sensory input the minimum amount of stimulation that an organism can detect 50 of the time see next pointAs stimulus intensity increases subjects probability of responding to stimuli gradually increases so its not really absoluteJust noticeable difference JND the smallest difference in the amount of stimulation that a specific sense can detect o Webers law people are able to perceive very small changes if the magnitude of the reference stimulus is small but as the magnitude of that reference stimulus increases a greater change is necessary before a difference is perceivedFechners law the magnitude of a sensory experience is proportional to the number of JNDs that the stimulus causing the experience is above the absolute threshold o Ex three equal increases in stimulus intensity produce progressively smaller differences in the magnitude of sensation think 3 light bulbspg 134Perceptions cant be measured on absolute scales but they can be measured on psychophysical scalesSignaldetection theory the detection of a stimuli involves decision processes as well as sensory processes which are both influence by a variety of factors besides stimulus intensity o 4 possibilities when trying to detect signals hits misses false alarms correct rejectionsYour decision depends onThe criterionhow sure you must feel before you reactThe noise in the systemirrelevant stimuliThe intensity of the stimulus Subliminal perception the registration of sensory input without conscious awareness o Evidence has supported that this can take placeSensory adaptation a gradual decline in sensitivity due to prolonged stimulationOur Sense of Sight The Visual SystemLightform of electromagnetic radiation that travels as a wave moving at the speed of light o Vary in amplitude height affects perception of brightness wavelength the distance between peaks effects perception of colour and purity the mix of the 2 o Humans can only see a fraction of the total range of wavelengths
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