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PSYC 1010 Full Course Notes
PSYC 1010 Full Course Notes
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Psychodynamic theories include work of sigmund freud, unconscious. The id" is the primitive, instinctive component of personality that operates according to the pleasure principle: reservoir of psychic energy, houses raw biological urges to eat, sleep. The id operates according to the pleasure principle". The superego is the moral component of personality that incorporates social standards about what represents right and wrong: emerges around the ages of 3-5. Conscious consists of whatever ones is aware of at a particular point in time. Preconscious contains material just beneath the surface of awareness that can easily be retrieved. Unconscious contains thoughts, memories, desires that are well below the surface of conscious awareness but that nonetheless exert great influence on behavior. Freud believes peoples lives are dominated by conflict, ego and id conflict each other as well. Sexual and aggressive urges cannot be achieved in a daily human situation.