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Chapter 9

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York University
PSYC 1010
Gerry Goldberg

Chapter 9 Intelligence and Psychological TestingKey Concepts in Psychological Testing Psychological teststandardized measure of a sample of a persons behaviouro Measurement instrumentsUsed to measure individual differences that exist among people in abilities aptitudes interests and aspects of personalityYour responses to a psychological test represent a sample of your behaviour o A particular behaviour sample may not be illustrative of your characteristic behaviourPrincipal Types of Tests Psychological tests are used in research but more were developed to serve practical purpose outside of the laboratoryTwo broad categories mental ability testspersonality testsMental Ability Test o Three subcategories intelligence tests aptitude tests and achievement tests o Intelligence testmeasure general mental abilityAssess intellectual potential rather than previous learning or accumulated knowledgeo Aptitude testsasses specific types of mental abilities Designed to measure potential more than knowledge but they break mental ability into separate components o Achievement testsgauge a persons mastery and knowledge of various subjectsSupposed to measure previous learning instead of potential Personality Tests o Traits can be assessed systematically with personality tests more than 500 traits o Personality testsmeasure various aspects of personality including motives interests values and attitudes o Questions do not have right or wrong answersStandardization and Norms Personality scales and tests of mental abilities are standardized measures of behaviourStandardizationuniform procedures used in the administration and scoring of a test o All subjects get same instructions same questions and same time limitsTest normsprovide information about where a score on a psychological test ranks in relation to other scores in that test o In psychological testing everything is relative o Psychological tests tell you how you score relative to other peoplePercentile scoreindicates the percentage of people who score at or below the score one has obtained Standardization group sample of people that the norms are based on o Large sample of people who were carefully selected to be representative of the broader population
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