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Chapter 1

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PSYC 2030
Rebecca Jubis

Accepting the validity from a source that we judge to be an expert or influential in some way is known as ___________ - authority from a general law to a particular instance; valid independently of observation is known as _________ - a priori method process of learning things through direct observation or experience is known as ______ - empircisim the difficulty with experiences is that they can be influenced by __________ - social cognition biases ______________is a tendency to hold on doggedly to a belief even when your faced with evidenced that proves it is false - belief perserverance Belief perserverance can be combined with __________which is when people search out and pay close attention to information that supports their belief while ignoring information that contradicts that belief - confirmation bias __________is when we experience unusual or very memorable events and then overestimate how often such events typically occur such as with students on multiple choice exams - availability heurisitic according to Pierce the most reliable way to develop a belief is through _______ - science The way of knowing that constitutes science in general involves _______ which means that events have causes and _________which means that by using agreed upon scientific methods these causes can be discovered with some degree of confidence - determinism; discoverability ____________argues that events can predicted but only with a probability greater than chance - statistical determinism Behaviour follows certain _________and is ______ and tends to be generalized to similar environments - patterns; predictable An _________ observation in science is something that can be verified by more than one observer and can be repeated by others and achieving the same results - objective One of the earliest objectivity methods in science was __________where participants in an experiment would perform some task and then provide a detailed description of their conscious experience of the task - introspection The problem with introspection was that it was ________ - subjective ________is used as the data to be measured in psychology - behavior a ________scientist is when a researcher expects conclusions about behavior to be supported by the evidence of objective information gathered through some systematic procedure - data driven All scientific finds are subject to _________ and the attribute of science is ________in nature- rethinking; tentative __________are those that can be answered through systematic observation an
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