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Chapter 3

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PSYC 2030
Rebecca Jubis

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___________is referred to as research in psychology which concerns describing, predicting, and explaining fundamental principles of behavior and mental processes - basic research ______________involves topics such as sensation and perception, learning, memory and cognition - basic research _______________is named because it has direct and immediate relevance to the solution of real world problems - applied research A ____________might investigate the ability to simultaneously carry out two different information processing tasks in a laboratory - basic research Using a cell phone while driving a car is an example of ______________ - applied research _________is a frequent target of politicians - basic research ___________allows the researcher greater control - laboratory research _____________is where the environment more closely matches the situations we encounter in daily living - field research Field research is often _________and laboratory research is __________ - applied research; basic research ___________is how closely a study mirrors real life experiences - mundane realism __________concerns the extent to which a study occurring in a lab or field has an impact on the subjects and get seriously involved - experimental realism Most research in psychology is ____________ - quantitative _____________is when data is collected and presented in the form of numbers - quantitative research ____________includes studies that collect interview information and involves carefully designed observation studies and is borrowed from sociologists and anthropoligists - qualitative research two important features of empirical questions are - must be answerable with data and their terms must be precisely defined the concept of ___________refers to the idea that our understanding of some behavioral phenomena is increased when a series of investigations all using slightly different operational definitions and experimental procedures converge on a common conclusion - converging operations _________is the act of discovering something while looking for something else entirely - serendipity A __________is considered to be a working truth always subject to revision pending the outcome of empirical studies - theory 3 attributes of a good theory include ___________ - productivity, parsimony, and falsification A ________is a hypothetical factor th
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