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Chapter 4

chapter 4 research methods

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York University
PSYC 2030
Rebecca Jubis

According to ___________experience is often unreliable guide to reality and we fall prey to our transcendental expectations and say we have had a paranormal experience whenever rational explanations seem to fail - Francis Bacon ____________can be described as a reaction in which the individual knows must have a basis but cant justify - intuition Maiers study with the pendulum suggest that people explain their behavior ______________ - by evaluating the behavior if it was performed by someone else The _____________refers that a great deal of information processing lies outside of consciousness - tacit dimension _____________is likely to be highly relevant to an understanding of paranormal experience - tacit dimension the difference between tacit and explicit knowledge was demonstrated ____________ - patients undergone split brain operations ____________is primarily a left hemisphere function - language The ______________is more responsible for nonverbal communication - right hemisphere The right hemisphere coincides with ________ of the visual field and the left hemisphere coincides with the __________ of the visual field - left; right If a split brain individual held an object in his left hand he would - not be able to describe it ____________can pass from one hemisphere to the other following the split brain - emotional information The demonstration that the verbal system is capable of reading tone of an emotion without realizing it suggest that ___________ - normal individuals maybe unaware of their mods or actions The ___________seems to posses what is normally thought of as consciousness - left hemisphere In Dodd and Whites ______________which coordinates the flow of information throught the total system which includes a sensory system, a memory system, and a response system - central processor The ____________primarily concern is to plan the steps necessary to achieve goals and monitor behavior so that sub goals
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