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Chapter 11

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PSYC 2030
Rebecca Jubis

Sometimes summarizing a large group of individuals can fail to have __________which is the extent to which a general research result applies to the individual subjects in the study - individual subject validity In a _________there are very few people and data is not statistically combined and there is no control group - small N design Some of the reasons for using a small N design over large N design are - large N group contaminate individual differences and subjects with specific requirements are rare to find 3 required elements in a single subject design - target behavior must be operationalized, establish a baseline of responding frequency, and introduce therapy establishing a __________means that the behavior in question must be observed for a period of time prior to treatment to determine its frequency - baseline the simplest single subject design is referred to as ____________ where ______stands for baseline and _________stands for treatment - A-B baseline; A; B to reduce the viability of alternate explanations a ___________is developed - withdrawl design in a ____________design after the treatment has been in effect for a while it is withdrawn to see if behavior goes back to the baseline - A-B-A In a _____________design the treatment program is evaluated twice and has the ethical advantage of finishing the experiment with treatment in place - A-B-A-B Problems with a withdrawal design include- inappropriateness especially if the treatment invo
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