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Chapter 12

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PSYC 2030
Rebecca Jubis

_________involves looking at and describing of behavior - observational research Main purpose of observational research is ____________ - describe behavior as it naturally occurs in its environment Observational research is subdivided in two types - naturalistic and participant observation Observational research can differ in ____________ and __________ - experimenters involvement and structure ___________is watching people or animals as they behave naturally in their setting - naturalistic observation _____________is when experimenter participates with the group being studied and acts as a member - participant observation some of the disadvantages of observational research include - absence of control, observer bias, reactivity, and ethical dilemmas ______________is when you have no control over the research and cant make things happen that you want - absence of control ________is when you anticipate a certain outcome and if they occur you interpret them to be true when in fact it could be due to something else - observer bias Ways to reduce observer bias include - behavior checklist, interobserver reality, different sampling procedures __________are a list of predefined behaviours that you want to observe - behavior checklist _______is having multiple observers present and see if their records match and show consistency - observer realibility __________refers to a mini run through of the study to check everything goes smoothly - pilot study Three different types of sampling procedures include -time sampling, event sampling, individual sampling ________is to observe behavior during different times - time sampling ___________is looking at a specific set of events for observation - event sampling ____________focuses on observing on only 1 individual for certain time - individual sampling __________is when subject is acting unnaturally when he finds out he is being observed - reactivity to reduce reactivity ___________is used - indirect/direct unobtrusive measures ____________is using measures that wont get noticed such as a hidden video or audio recorder or using a two way mirror - direct unobtrusive measure ____________is observing the behavior of participant indirectly without actually seeing the participant such as going through trash or cheking for amount of dust collected on library books - indirect unobtrusive measure Informed consent ____________when behavior is studied in public environment - is not essential ________is a set of structured questions to measure peop
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