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Chapter 5

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York University
PSYC 2030
Steve Printer

Chapter 5 intro to experimental researchReasons of taking this course1 Process vs contentAreas of contents of psych developmental clinical etcProcess of doing research in these contents area 2 Critical thinkingA logicalrational process of avoiding ones preconceptions by gathering evidence contemplatingand evaluating alternatives and coming to a conclusionAlways questions even no evidence still should question if there is an alternatives When conduct a research compare to other exist researches and then make a conclusion 3 RM is more setting up a study so they are method logical settingsExperimental ResearchThere are several reasons to conduct a testDepending on situation which to usePractical reasonsEthnical reasonsAll the method have both advantage and dis at the same time 1 The experimenter various one or more variables while holding others constantVariables characteristics that can be changed in value eg weight temperatureEg testing the effect of alcohol on memoryG1 one glass of alcohol G2 two Variable is the alcohol see if the variable makes any changes But have to make sure that everything else remains constant 2 Independent variables causeThe VAR that is manipulated to see it has an effect on behavior The behavior is the dependent variable Eg alcohol Experimenter has the control over itMust have a minimum of 2 levelsconditionsto make a comparison1 Varieties of independent variables situationaldif features in the environment that participants might encounter dif levels conditions might create dif respond in certain environmenttaskExperimenters vary the type of task performed by participants eg giving subjects dif kinds of logical problems to determine the kinds of errors ppl tend to makeinstructionalare manipulated by asking dif groups to perform a particular task
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