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Chapter 6

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PSYC 2030
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Chapter 6 Control problems in Experimental ResearchBetween subjects design BSD When subjects receive either level A or level B but not both conditionsComparisons of level A and B will be a contrast between two dif groups of ppl1 AdvantageAvoid practice effectAvoid letting the subjects clueing what the study is testing about because sometimes demand characteristics will be a problem in WSD2 When encounter certain conditions have to use BSD 1 When IV is a subject variableEg when testing the gender dif in math you cannot let one person go under both conditions male femaleBut there are times that a subject variable wont be a betweensubject variable is when 1 behaviors occurring at two dif ages are being compared and the same persons are studied at two dif times in their lives and 2 when marital status is the subject variable and the same people are studied before and after a marriage or a divorce2 When IV is a manipulated variable the case is participates in one level of an independent variable the experience gained there will make it impossible for them to participate in other levels Eg p1793 DisadvantageNeed large number of subjectsThere are individual differences among groups dif between the conditions could be due to the IV but they might also be due to dif between the two groups4 Solve the problemDisadvantage 2 to create equivalent groups there groups are equal to each other in every important way except for the levels of IV5 The problem of creating equivalent group 1 Random assignmentDefinition each subject has an equal chance of being placed in a groupGoal to take individual dif factors that could bias the study and spread the evenly throughout the dif groups Therefore you do not have a disproportion number of individual dif variables in one group compare to the other group The more subjects in a study the greater chance that random assignment will work to create equivalent groups Random select vs random assign random select is that when picking the
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