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24 Apr 2012
R.M. Chapter 2
What is discovery phase of scientific inquiry:
o Discovery phase:
Venturing in the unknown
Coming up wih an idea
Background research on the lit.
Study design/implementation
o Justification phase:
Rationale behind the plan of the study
Explatory researchers are frequently guided by Q’s rather than hyps
Exploratory also have implicit expectations based on a theory or hunch
o Mcguires hypothesis heuristics:
1Intensive case study
2Make psychological sense of a paradoxical incident
3Analogies, metaphors, figures of speech
4Resolution of conflicting results
5Effort to improve on ideas
Only way to provide a meta analysis
Moderator variables:
o Overall picture for all conditions that may strengthen or weaken
relationships between i.v. and d.v.
What are hypothesis heuristics:
o 1Single case experimental research
o 2Paradoxical event: seemingly contradictory event
o 3Analogical thinking
Room for counter arguements due to 2 reasons:
1. Cant muster a defense to keep their truisims receved by society
2. May not be motivated because they believe it to be so so true
o 4Account for conflicting results:
Usually a learned =good response
Unlearned =novel response=bad guess
o 5Improving on older idea:
Bf skinners classical conditioning
Major is stimulus
Trial and error learning
o 6 serendepity:
Lucky discovery
Experimenter expectancy effect/self fulfilling prophecy
Projection test: ppl call ppl successful if he is self; failure if he is himself
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