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Gillian Wu

CH 5: THE NEWBORN’S READINESS FOR LIFE Newborn Reflexes  Reflex: involuntary and automatic response to a stimulus i.e. eye blinking to a puff of air  Something’s acquired are survival reflexes: things needed to survive (breathing, eye-blink, and sucking/swallowing) – also used to create a close companionship with parents  Other reflexes are called root reflexes: these are things that babies have, but are not needed for their survival - a baby getting close to the mothers nipple will start sucking before they latch  Primitive reflex: things that may have been useful in past lives, but are not needed anymore, i.e. infant fanning their toes when they are stroked on the feet; or the grasping reflex o These are controlled by the primitive areas in the brain and so they will disappear after a few months of life when the cerebral cortex starts guiding voluntary behaviors Infant States  Infants go through six different states of
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