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Chapter 1

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PSYC 2120
Ward Struthers

Social Psychology Chapter 1What is Social Psychologyour lives connected to each other by hundreds of threads and our survivalwellbeing depend on these connections social psych is about understanding our social connections to each otherhow they influence and are influenced by what we think feel and doit is a scientific study of how peoples thoughts feelings and behaviour are influenced by factors in the social world o study how people explain their own and other peoples behaviours attributions how people influence others persuasion and how people connect to each other attractionGordon Allport an attempt to understand and explain how the thought feelings and behaviour of individuals are influenced by the actual imagined or implied presence of other humans Using the Scientific Method social psych uses scientific inquiry to explain phenomenon o commitment to collecting accurate and errorfree info commitment to objectivity collecting data that are free of bias and commitment to verifying info empirically to fulfill these commitments psychologists follow the scientific method research method for investigating phenomenon acquiring new knowledge and evaluatingintegrating previous knowledgethey form an educated guess called an hypothesis about the relationship between events and then examine its accuracy by collecting data through observations or experiments o uses same approach to evaluate hypotheses like other scientific fields ex biothis research process helps us find objective answers to questions about why people think feelbehave as they dotest whether our beliefs about something are actually correct1 How We Think About Ourselves selfperception our views of ourselves depend on our sociocultural environmento ex feel confident about appearance and then look at magazine feel insecure social world influencing how we feel about ourselvesselfpresentation how we present our ideas about ourselves to otherso use many strategies to convey impressions of ourselves to others when it comes to our habits interests and resources car we drive clothes we wear our cellphone 2 How We Think Feel and Act in the Social Worldsocial perception how people form impressions and make inferences about others and events in the social world o form impression easily and frequently why we got a low gradesocial cognition describes how we think about people and the social worlduse information to make judgmentso sometimes see world correctly expensive restaurantsbetter food but also make errors in our judgments airplane fearcars but more die from car accidents social influence impact of other peoples attitudes behaviour or presence on our thoughts feelings and behaviour o ex advertising messages use deliberate efforts to influence attitudebehaviouro can also be subtle ex less likely to help some when in a large group vs alone
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