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Chapter 4


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PSYC 2120
Kerry Kawakami

Ch4- Social perception • Social perception- the study of how we form impressions of other ppl and make inferences about them • Nonverbal communication- refers to ppl communicate, intentionally or unintentionally without words • E.g. facial expressions, tone of voice, gestures, body position and movement, use of touch • Humans have special kinds of brain cell called Mirror neurons which respond when we perform an action and when we see someone else perform the same action - humans connect with each other through this • Nonverbal cues help people express their emotions, their attitudes and their personality • Encode- to express or emit nonverbal behavior such as smiling or patting someone on the back (universal) • Humans all around the world express their emotions the same way- universal • Decode- to interpret the meaning of the nonverbal behavior other ppl express (universal) • Six major emotions- anger, happiness, surprise, fear, disgust and sadness • People in east and asian cultures are Holistic thinkers, focus on focal objects and the context in which it is situated • Ppl in western cultures are Analytic thinkers, focus on central object and paying little attention to the text • Affect blend- a facial expression in which one part of the face registers one emotion while another part of the fce registers a diff emotion • Decoding facial expressions could be difficult bc we try to appear LESS emotional, diff cultures • Display rules- culturally determined rules about which emotional expressions are appropriate to show • Emblems- nonverbal gestures that have well-understood definitions within a given culture; they usually have direct verbal translations, such as the 'okay' sign ( not universal) • Implicit personality theory-a type of schema that ppl use to group various kinds of personality traits together; e.g. many ppl believe that if someone is kind, he or she is generous as well • e.g. if a person knew that he/she liked them then there was no use of condom, also depended on superficial characteristics of people such as dressing style, where they were from and assumed that no need of condom • In western cultures an artistic personality- person who is creative, intense and temperamental, unconventional lifestyle • Shi hu- person who is worldly, devoted to family, socially skillful and somewhat reserved( chinese culture) • Attrib
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