PSYC 2120 Chapter Notes -Social Proof, Begging, Social Influence

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24 Nov 2011

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Why do we conform: there are 2 principal reasons for conforming: informational influence and normative influence. Sherif"s autokinetic effect studies: sherifs research on conformity was based on social norms (guidelines to what is proper and improper, and will lead to social acceptance) 290 fig 8. 1: therefore, group norms are established and are carried over into individuals judgment. Cultural differences in conformity: conformity is higher with collectivistic than individualist cultures (culture is a higher predicator than size of a group, if ones self concept is more interdependent, you are more likely to conform. If a response is more public, women are more likely to conform, then if the response was private (therefore normative influences effect them more) If someone gives you a small free gift (charity giving you free xmas cards), you are more likely to donate than if you never got anything; people have more pressure to reciprocate, then if not was given at all.