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Chapter 8

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PSYC 2120
Ward Struthers

Chapter 8 Notes Defining conformity compliance and obedienceConformity any change in behaviour caused by another person or groupCompliance a change in behaviour that is requested by another person or groupObedience a change in behaviour that is ordered by another person or groupWhy do we conform o Informational influence influence from other people that is motivated by a desire to be correct and to obtain accurate information o People often rely on others as a source of informationThey trust others judgments to be useful in a particular context o Normative influence occurs when people are influenced by others to gain rewards or to avoid punishment They might not necessarily think that others judgments or behaviours are correct they might simply want to be liked or avoid conflict o We often want to please other people normative influence whose judgments we seek informational influence Conformity Doing as others doSherifs autokinetic effect studies o Social Norm is a rule or guideline about what behaviours are proper and improper Norms can be formal such as laws and contracts or informal such as customs and traditions within small groups o Social norms are one source of conformity o Autokinetic effectIn a darkened room a stationary point of light will appear to move periodicallyo Multigenerational normsGroup norms are spontaneously established and carry over into individual judgmentsNorms can persist long after their original instigators are goneAschs length judgment studies o Crutchfield apparatusMachine that consists of an electrical panel with several rows of lights it allows the efficient study of conformity by stimulating the responses of numerous hypothetical participantsCase of expressing personal preferences there was little or no effect of group pressure o Nature of taskConformity is more likely when tasks are ambiguousConformity is also influenced by the difficulty of the task
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