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Chapter 2

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PSYC 2120
Ward Struthers

Chapter 2 Notes Scientific MethodTheories and hypothesis o Theory Scientists explanation for why an event or outcome occursIt identifies the underlying causes for why something occurs o Hypothesis Specific prediction about what should occur if a theory is validProvides the means by which a theory can be tested o In developing a theory one must aim for simplicity coherence and testabilityThis will make it more likely that the theory will generate new ideas discoveries o Melvin LemerJust world theoryHumans need to believe that the world is a just and fair placeTranslating theories into testable questions Operational definitions o Operational definition Specific observable response that is used to measure a concept o Self report measure as long as a concept is something that people are able and willing to report measuring it via self report questions makes senseCareful to express self report questions clearlySocially desirable responding Giving answ
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