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Chapter 11

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PSYC 2120
Ward Struthers

Aggression and violence December0811 1250 AM Definition and varieties of AggressionAggression y Behaviour that is intended to injure someone physically or psychologically y Violence y Aggression that is intended to cause extreme injury y Based on physical violence y Not psychologicaly Hostile and instrumental aggressionHostile aggression y Harmdoing that arises out of negative emotions y AngeryFrustrationyHatredyIt is impulsiveyPrimary goal is to hurt the targetyInstrumental aggressionyHarm doing that is motivated by goals other than hurting the targetySuch as obtaining something of valueyTeaching them a lesion y Most act of aggression is either hostile aggression instrumental or both Relational aggressionRelational aggressionsocialyBehaviour that is intended to damage another persons peer relationshipyBulliesyGirls tend to be exhibit relationalySocial exclusion or rumorsyPsychological damageyExperimentyRated children based on their overt behavioursyFriendly or notyManipulativeyVerbal threatsyCan back fire and may cause others to dislikeySometimes it is associated with popularityyBeing cooly Hostile Instrumental Relational Theories of aggression
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