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PSYC 2130
Krista Phillips

Chapter Six Notes:  • There are two important criteria of how well measurements and certain research designs fulfill their function o Validity : shows how well a measure or design does what it purports to do  Construct validity: the degree to which the conceptualization of what is being measured or experimentally manipulated is what is claimed such as the constructs that are measured by psychological test or that serve as a link between independent and dependent variable.  Content validity: the adequate sampling of the relevant material or content that a test purports to measure.  Convergent and discriminant validity: the grounds established for construct based on the convergent of related tests or behaviour (convergent validity) and thee distinctiveness of unrelated tests or behaviour (discriminant validity)  Criterion validity: the degree to which a test or questionnaire is correlated with outcome criteria in the present (concurrent validity) or the future (predictive validity)  External validity: the generalizability of an inferred causal relationship over different people, settings, manipulations (or treatments) and research outcomes  Face validity: the degree to which a test or other instruments “look as if” it is measuring something relevant  Internal validity: the soundness of statements
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