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Krista Phillips

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Chapter Three Notes: • The term ethics refers to the values by which people evaluate character or behaviour • Ethical Guidelines in psychology contain rules and specifications pertaining to the question “should I conduct this study? • There are principles that help organize the answer: o Principle I: respect for the persons and their autonomy (Independence) o Principle II: nonmaleficence “do no harm” and Beneficence “maximize benefits of research” o Principle III: pursuit and promotion of justice, so burdens and benefits are distributed without favoritism o Principle IV: establishment of a relationship of trust with participants o Principle V: fostering fidelity and scientific integrity • Must obtain informed consent o Written agreement to participate o If there is a placebo or control group, but inform participant of its existence o Form must describe:  Nature of study  Potential risk of inconvenience  Procedure for ensuring confidentiality of data  Voluntary nature of cooperation and freedom to withdraw o Section A is consent portion, section B refers to debriefing How are ethics reviews done and acted on? • Implied in principle Ii: researchers will attempt to maximize the benefits of research • The research affiliated with an academic institution submits a detailed written proposal of the planned research to a panel of evaluators called an institutional review board (IRB) which provides and oversight mechanism by performing a risk-benefit analysis of the proposed study • Research classified by IRB as
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