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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Personality Psychology as a Science- Research Methods Textbook Notes.docx

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York University
PSYC 2130
Krista Phillips

1May 8 2014Chapter 3Personality Psychology as a Science Research Methods Table 31Reliability of Psychological Measurement Factors That Undermine Reliability Low precisionState of the ParticipantState of the ExperimenterVariation in the EnvironmentTechniques to Improve Reliability Care with Research ProcedureStandardized Research Protocol Measure Something ImportantAggregationTable 32Partial Data From Hypothetical Experiment on the Effect of Anxiety On Test Performance Participants in the HighAnxiety Participants in the LowAnxiety Condition No of Correct AnswersCondition No of Correct AnswersSidney13Ralph28Jane17Susan22Kim20Carlos24Bob10Thomas20Patricia18Brian19EtcEtcMean15Mean25Note Participants were assigned randomly to either the lowanxiety or highanxiety condition and the average number of correct answers was computed within each group When all the data were in the mean for the highanxiety group was 15 and the mean for the lowanxiety group was 25 These results would typically be plotted as in Figure 31 Table 33Partial Data for a Hypothetical Correlational Study of the Relationships Between Anxiety and Test Performance ParticipantAnxiety xPerformance yDave 312Christine73Mike218Alex424Noreen222Jana515EtcNote An anxiety score denoted x and a performance score denoted y are obtained from each participant The results are then plotted in a manner similar to that shown in Figure 32 Table 34Effect Sizes of Some Important Research Findings
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