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Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – Basics of Psychoanalysis Textbook Notes .docx

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PSYC 2130
Krista Phillips

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1May 13 2014Chapter 10Basics of Psychoanalysis Psychological Development Follow the MoneyTable 101Freuds Stages of Psychosexual DevelopmentStageAge Physical Relevant Psychological Adult approximateFocusMental ThemeCharacter StructureTypesOralBirth to 18 Mouth lips IdDependence Dependent monthstonguepassivityor over independentAnal8 months to 3 Anus and EgoObedience Obedientyears organs of and selfand eliminationcontrolobsessed with order or antiauthority and chaotic Phallic3years to 7 Sexual SuperegoGender Overor years organsidentity and undersexualitysexualized Latency7 years to NANALearning and NApubertycognitive developmentGenitalPuberty to Sexuality in Id ego and Creation and A mature adulthoodthe context superego enhancement adults of a mature are well of lifeseldom relationship balancedachievedChapter SummaryUnlike many approaches to personality the psychoanalytic approach concentrates on the cases where the cause of behavior is mysterious and hiddenFreud HimselfFreud was a practicing psychotherapist and developed is ideas from the cases he saw as well as from introspection and his broad knowledge of literature art and culture One of his grateful patients dubbed his technique the talking cureKey Ideas of Psychoanalysis Psychoanalytic theory is based on a small number of key ideas including psychic determinism the minds threepart structure id ego and superego psychic conflict and mental energy
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