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Humanistic and Positive Psychology

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York University
PSYC 2130
Krista Phillips

Humanistic and Positive Psychology Humanistic psychology acknowledges and addresses ways that psychology is a unique science they argue that the mind is fundamentally different than such things as molecules The mind is fundamentally different bc it is aware and psychologist need to address that idea that when the mind is studied opinions about itself will affect the studies secondly the phenomenon that selfawareness arises when humans are studying does not exists when studying other organisms like a rock or molecule it includes things like willpower creativity free will and happiness Phenomenology awareness is everything Phenomenology ones conscious experience of the world everything that takes place in the world can influence your thoughts and experiences The viewpoint says that the only time you exist is here and now everything else is a idea or sense of illusion so a broader reality might exist but the only thing important to you is what you perceive Construal your particular experience of the world form the basis of how you live your life your goals obstacles and opportunities you can see a rs a great happy thing or a commitment and waste of time Introspection trying to observe your own perceptions and thoughts Existentialism Philosophical idea that rationality has gone too far in its attempt to account for everything science has lost touch with human experiences Purpose of the philosophy was to regain contact with the human experience of being alive and aware The key questions of existence is what does it mean how does it feel and what is the nature of it The three parts of experience 1Umwelt biological experience the sensations that you feel being a human pleasure pain heat cold bodily sensations
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