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Behaviorism and Social Learning Theories

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PSYC 2130
Krista Phillips

Behaviorism and social learning theories Learning is a change in behavior as a function of experience Behaviorism studies how a persons behavior is a direct result of their environment the rewards and punishments that the environment presents so anyone else in the situation would do the exact same thing Behaviorism Watson and Skinner both believed the best way to understand a person was to see their interactions with the outside world Behaviorist believe that everything that is worth knowing comes from direct observation and the only way to know anything about someone is to watch their behaviorPersonality is just the sum of what you do there are no traits unconscious conflict or conscious experiences there is only what you do Behaviorist approach is based only on bdata The cause of behavior can be observed directly as the behavior itself since everything has to do with environment and not with the mind The goal to behavior is functional analysis determining exactly how behavior is a function of the environmental situation Philosophical roots of behaviorism Three ideas are fundamental for behaviorism empiricism associationism and hedonism Empiricism Idea that all knowledge comes from experience and does not exist separately from reality Opposing view to this is rationalism the idea that the structure of the mind determines our experience to reality Locke says that mind as a new born baby is tabula rasa and is empty when we are born
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