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Perception, Thought, Motivation and Emotion

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York University
PSYC 2130
Krista Phillips

Perception thought motivation and emotion Perception Different people are predisposed to perceive the world differently dominant people are more likely to see people in hierarchies up down model Priming and chronic accessibility Differences in perception can be explained partly by priming if something has been activated recently can come to mind quickly even with a little stimulus An example is when September 11 took place people were primed with the idea that terrorists could be all over the placeThe cognitive system of a shy person may include activations to memories when they were socially rejected that when something takes place they can recall the memories very quickly Something that is chronically accessible can slowly become part of our personality however if we do not activate a schema Some things are primed evolutionary to protect us from certain things or trigger certain ideas quickly like whether someone is male or female Other things differ with different people such as people that are more ve will lead to a more accurate person perception These differences maybe due to ones personal temperament if you have more ve emotions it can lead to more happy thoughts being activated these people see more good in others and more optimistic about the future Priming can also be a cause of experience if someone is held with the word stubborn vs persistent they are more likely to associate others based on their experienced word People who lived in different cultural areas bicultural may use a characteristic style of what had been primed most recently Rejection Sensitivity Chronic accessibility can lead to the personality disposition of rejection sensitivity people with this syndrome can lead to having anxious expectations that may suggest impending rejection ambiguous signals can lead to the person thinking their romantic partner wants to walk outIf any indication that rejection maybe present even an ambiguous one can lead rejection sensitivity to be activated Aggression Hostility is another thing that is due to chronic accessibility some people can be lead to think that ambiguous events are threatened maybe due to the fact that people who are aggressive may have cognitions organized around hostile themes Perceptual Defense Is the idea that people can screen out information that might make the person anxious or uncomfortable opposite of chronic accessibility
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