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Cultural Variation

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PSYC 2130
Krista Phillips

Cultural Variation In Experience Behavior and Personality Culture and Psychology There are two reasons why culture comes into play with personality psychology 1Individuals differ to some extent because of their cultural groups 2There are individual differences in cultural groups in distinct ways CrossCultural Universals Versus SpecificityBoth universal human nature and cultural specificity ideas are debates that will probably be everylasting just like the naturenurture debate What is CultureCulture is a psychological attribute of groups this includes customs habits beliefs and values that shape ones emotions behaviors and life pattern this also includes different views of reality and modes of thinking Differences in cultural groups are not innate but instead are learned Enculturation a child will pick up the culture that they are born into similarly a person that moves from one country to another may also pick up the culture in that area known as acculturation People in the same ethnic group are more genetically similar than other people however this difference is very slight which explains why culture is not genetically bound cultural groups are not just defined by linguistics and ethnics it is also based on things like geography history and even politics The Importance of CrossCultural Differences Crosscultural studies have not been done that much because it is complex and hard to get studies from different areas most research has been within the Western cultural complex Cultural counts could be important for diagnosing mental disorders interventions and risk factors CrossCultural Understanding Having different behavior attitudes and values among different cultures can lead to problems of misunderstanding Some petty laws in one country maybe considered a felony in another country these differences can also happen in borders of one country such as the American South vs the North The Generalizability of Theory and Research Culture affects the way personality is expressed and emotions are experiencedVarieties of Human Experience The way one construes the world maybe due to both their experiences and cultural background Experiencenear constructs is the question of whether people in different cultures have different perceptions of things culture may be a set of lenses on
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