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Personality – Ch 3.docx

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PSYC 2130
Krista Phillips

PersonalityCH 3 1272012 104600 PM Chapter 3Personality Psychology as Science Research Methods Psychologys emphasis on method research process is sometimes more important than answers goal to improve on hypothesis constantly being developed emphasis on methods by which knowledge can be obtained more concerned with better understanding human nature than with specific facts Scientific educationtechnical training technical trainingwhat is already known about a subject so that the knowledge can be applied scientific educationteaches not only what is known but also how to find what is yet unknown taught to question what is already known and how to find out moredissertationresearch project in which the future scientist must add something new to the knowledge in her field Research exploration of the unknown by gathering dataQuality of Data Reliabilitydependable not affected by anything elsemeasurement errorerror variancedifference in outcomes of the same test given to participant more than once o the less of this error the more reliable the measurementStatecurrent and temporary Traitpersistent general personalityA method that repeatedly provides the same comparative information is reliableEvery measurement includes a certain amount of error4 things can undermine reliability 1low precision 2state of participant 3state of experimenter 4environemnt in which the study is done 4 things can be done to try to enhance reliability1be careful
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