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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 textbook notes Learning and behaviour by MAzur

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York University
PSYC 2210
Tony Neild

Chapter 2 SImple Ideas Associations and Simple Cellsscientific investigation of learning did not begin until end of 19th centuryAristotle 350 BC first Associationistproposed three principles of association that Cn be viewed as the elementary theory of memory these principles describe how one though leads to anotherstudy of free association list of words say first thing that comes to mindFirst principle is contiguity the more closely in time and space two items occurthe more likely will the thought of one item lead to the thought of anotherExample response chair to the word table illustrates association by spatial contiguity since the two items are often found closely togetherresponse lightening to word thunder temporal contiguityOtherprinciples similarity and contrastthe thought of one concept often leads to the thought of similar concepts apple and orangethe thought of one concept often leads to opposite night and dayBritish Associationists Hobbes Lockes Mill ectalso called british empiricists because of their belief that every person acquires knowledge empirically through experienceLocke the mind of a newborn child is a tabula rasa
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