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The concept of MotivationMotivation forces acting on within an organism to initiate and direct behaviour Forces acting on or within an organism to initiate and direct behaviour IntensityPersistenceHighly motivated behavior will often be persistent DeprivationTake food away as a source of motivationConcept of motivation helps us understand the change in the animals behavior assuming that some other alternative cannot better explain the changeIntervening Variable is a concept developed by a researcher that serves to link a stimulus and a response and helps to relates the twoMotivation is a performance variable enough motivation is present behavior is performed Often contrasted with learning Characteristics of MotivationActivation is most easily seen in the production of behavior If no overt behaviour is observed then motivation maybe insufficient to trigger behavior Absence does not mean that no motivation is presentfor man motivational states changes in motivation do lead to changes in over behaviour ndrd2 characters is persistence and 3 is vigorDirectionoften considered an index of motivational states When several chooices are present and which one drives you towards specific one To determine which is more motivating you use preference testBest way to determine which of several alternatives is most motivatingCategories of analysisNomothetic involves the development of general or universal lawsResearch of this type studies groups of people or animals and tells how they are similar Aattempts to discover general laws applicable to the widest range of situations Idiographicproposes we can understand behaviour by looking at how people differ from each other and by examining those properties That make them uniqueInnateMcdougal and James saw motivation as primarily controlled by innate motives aka instinctsThis did not last long Internal vs ExternalNeeds are usually viewed as internal sources of motivation that activate and direct behavior to items in the environment Coined as physiological needs like food or waterInternalGoals Various goals or objects or social relationships External source of motivationMotivation can be activated by changes in external environment
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