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PSYC 2230
Frank Marchese

Ch 3 Physiological mechanismsof motivation Arousal TheoryEmphasize the organism a whole and says that we can best understand behaviour by how organism becomes activated Arousal theory is a continuum at 1 end its low and another its high Assumes behaviour will change as we become more aroused Reasoning suggests that an optimal level of arousal exists at which behaviour Inverted U function indicates that increasing arousal improves performance only up to a point the point of optimum arousal after which continued increases in arousal actually begin to interfere with responding Arousal performance relationship is known as Yerkes Dodson LawHokanson stated noted the proposed relationship between arousalperformance for some types of tasks but not for othersOptimal arousal for one task may not be optimal for some other taskEmotionmotivation comes from activation of nervous system thus nervous system triggers activationCutting through the brain stem of an animal between medullaspinal cord an animal continues to go through its normal sleep wake cycle even though the body has been deprived of all its higher cortical region This preparation is named Encaphale isole Cutting higher up the brain step at the levelof the colluculi the sleep wake cycle is abolished and animal sleeps constant
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