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Chapter 10

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York University
PSYC 2230
Frank Marchese

Chapter 10Chapter 5 June 10 2014Cognitive Motivation Attribution TheoryAttribution theory involves the study of decisions we make about the causes of events Huamns are motivated to attribute or assign causes to outcomes Motivation to do so stems from the need to make sense of evenspersonal interpersonal impersonalSocial attribution people assign attributes particular causes to other peoples behaviour We assign personal causation to others behaviour or we assign situational causation to others behaviours In some sense assigning causes to others behaviour is accounting for the motivation underlying their behaviour For example so and so succeeded or failed at a task because of dispositional forces internalpersons ability effort or because of situational forcetask difficulty goodbad luck Accordingto Heider we are biased towarddisposition attributionsThat is the tendency to attribute others behaviour to stable internal characteristics This tendency is called the fundamental attribution error Thus attributions are biased in favor of dispositional explanations1De charms suggests that this bias may stem from our belief that as we ourselves try to control outcomes so we believe that others are doing the same As a result we tend tobehaviour to internal causes when they may be very much situation ally misattributedetermined Further once we make these dispositional attributions they are difficult to changeaNonnormative behaviour eccentric nonconforming behaviour is like to elicit dispositional attributionsWhen the behaviour is socially undesirable there is a tendency to attribute the behaviour to internal personal characteris
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